About STP

… a friend of mine from college was dealing with yet another bout of depression and fatigue. Everyone knew his passion was weight lifting. He was fit and strong. He looked like a gym owner, like a weight lifter, a strong man, or Atlas. You know, the Greek god that held the world on his shoulders… he looked just like that guy.

In a moment of inspiration I challenged my friend to be that guy, to be Atlas,

to get out of his funk and “go spin the planet! Go do something for someone other than yourself.” Most times I find our darkest days are days when we are focused too much inward and not enough on how our worth is grounded in time sacrificed for the good of someone else. Each day we are all given the same amount of time. By setting our hearts on the act of giving of ourselves to make someone else’s life better, no matter how small a gesture, we are allowed to get out of ourselves mentally and be part of the bigger picture.

Spin the Planet currently owns and operates a large number of sandwich shops.

Eventually the brand will reach out into some additional avenues. But for now we are focused on our restaurants and sharing our philosophy of realizing our gifts and using our talents to make the world a better place.

Knowing that a sub shop would employ many part time and minimum wage earners, setting the tone is important. The name and foundation of the company

needed to be focused more on WHY and not on WHAT we did. Motivating someone to mop the floor, scrub the toilet or even make sandwiches for $6.15 an hour is a bit perplexing, but given the opportunity to be part of a team that keeps the workforce nourished, that gives family time to focus on “family” rather than on the preparation and clean-up of yet another meal, that provides a better meal than most people would prepare for themselves at home… now these are reasons to get up off the couch and do something for someone else.

If we were just in the business of making sandwiches we would probably fail. But because we are in the business of making a better product, of giving better service, of stepping outside ourselves to sacrifice for others, we are in the business of making the world a better place. Each doing our part to push our energy towards a better life experience. That is why we say…

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